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Established at 1974; OSCAR have been serving in different industries since 1983 when it started importing Light Construction Equipment. At 1987, first equipment was manufactured at OSCAR facilities. Since then more than 20000 equipment was built and sucessfully used/being used at the construction sites. Used friendly, High quality, Highly efficient, Reasonably priced OSCAR products makes sure, you are buying the optimum equipment in the market. Thanks to the team of 6 engineers, 15 technicians, 38 workers and 17 office staff, OSCAR is available in many countries all over the world with its high quality products, customer satisfaction oriented dealers and personel. OSCAR is operating and manufacturing at 3 facilities. The main factory at Akyurt at total closed area of 5500 m² with semi-closed area of 1000 m² on a land of 27000 m². The HQ and the laser shop at Ostim at 800 m² and Incek showroom of 150 m² and soon to be added to Akyurt facilities another 1350 m² assembly workshop...

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The super flat floors, 2.5 times faster with high-performance user friendly OSCAR Ride-on Trowels OSCAR Ride-on trowels with their high performance offers you to finish concrete quickly and easily without exhausting the operator. You can finish your concrete 2,5 times quicker than a walk behind OSCAR trowel. Now with OSCAR Ride-on trowels even in hot climates or cold climates you can work on the concrete much more efficiently. OSCAR is ready to help you by offering more than 40 different types of power trowels for all levels of users....

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